Crowdfunder 2019

Can you help? 🙏We need 600 bales of hay! 🌾

We, Emma and Katie – two volunteers who over many years have supported this project – are launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise £3500 to buy 600 bales of hay to get the Skyrian 🐴 through the winter.

The project is in a much better position financially this year than it has been in the past. But, although Amanda and Stathis have done a sterling job in budgeting the project extremely well this year, they still do need just over 1 lorry of hay to get the horses through the winter. So, although Amanda and Stathis find it incredibly difficult to ask for help, we are asking on their behalf.

Please follow the link below to visit our JustGiving crowdfunding page below to make a donation or find out more. We’re deeply grateful for all your support ❤️