* Neigh* We need Hay!

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We have lots of exciting plans for the future – including the creation of a membership association and running courses, workshops and retreats with these little Skyrian horses – all to help fund the care and conservation of our Skyrian horses.

But right now we are approaching winter with not enough hay to last us through to the spring…and 35 Skyrian horses eat a lot of the stuff … In fact, they eat between six and seven lorry-loads every year, approximately 66 tonnes.

Feeding horses is a very expensive business. Depending on the season, each hay bale costs between four to eight euros. That means at its cheapest, hay costs us €11,000 per year, and at its most expensive, it can cost in excess of €20,000 for a year’s supply of hay. This is a phenomenal cost, and we’re struggling to meet it.

With winter on its way, it’s also essential that our fencing and field shelters receive urgent maintenance to withstand the variable climate and protect the horses, particularly after the Cyclone Zorbas.

Our aim is to raise £7000 to:

– purchase 2 lorries of hay and a small lorry of oat straw (1100 bales x approx. £5 per bale)

– carry out essential maintenance on fences and field shelters which will ensure that stallions and mares are safely separated and protected

– purchase veterinary supplies such as colic medicine, anti-parasite control, veteran feeds and supplements for old horses, mineral blocks, fly sprays etc.

– purchase good quality rugs for the older horses, to protect them with winter on its way

You can donate here at our JustGiving fundraising page:

Your donation also helps to preserve the farm as a special, life-enriching environment for returning and prospective volunteers. Watch the video below to hear some of our volunteers talk about why the farm is important to them:


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Your support is so greatly appreciated in this vital matter by both the four-legged and two-legged.




4 thoughts on “Crowdfunder

  1. I would like to support your work with the alogakia and would be pleased if you could send me the precise banking informations in order to send you some money for hay.
    Best regards from Switzerland

    • Dear Meret
      Thank you so much for your message. I hope you received my email via which outlines all the bank details. It is extremely generous of you and all the horses thank you for any donation. I will be writing a post in the next few weeks to thank everybody who has supported so generously our hay appeal as it really has allowed our project to continue as we hope there will definately be enough money for our hay for the next 12 months.
      Best wishes

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