We are working on lots of things at the moment to ensure the long term future and progress of the project and our Skyrian horses. This includes plans to create a membership association and run courses/workshops/retreats to fund the care of the horses.

BUT these things are taking time to organise, and right now we are having to focus on how to get the horses through what could be a potentially tough winter. We are currently running a Crowdfunder during which we aim to raise £7000 to buy two lorries of hay (1000 bales), provide essential veterinary treatments for the horses, and carry out much needed maintenance on our old fencing and field shelters in preparation for wind, rain, hail and snow.

Every donation of any size is so greatly appreciated. If you would like to help us on our way to our goal please visit our JustGiving page to find out more and donate.

We are also incredibly grateful to anyone who shares our story with new people – there are many out there who are still unaware of the existence of this rare, special and significant breed. We now have a Facebook page, Friends of the Skyrian Horse – like and follow us to receive updates about life on the farm and the project’s progress!

Thank you for your support!


Saving the Skyrian Horse

Featured on National Geographic

One of the oldest, rarest breeds of horse on the planet.
Find out more about the Skyrian Horse here.

We are working towards a high quality of life for every horse in Skyros.
Find out more about our welfare work here.

There are believed to be about 200 Skyrian Horses on the planet.
Skyros Island Horse Trust is home to nearly 40 of these animals.
Find out more about our conservation work here.

We ran the first Skyros Horse Festival in 2014 and hope to run
many similar events in future.
We believe in encouraging a respectful approach to horsemanship.
Find out more about the project here.

How You Can Help

We rely on the support of our volunteers to keep the farm running, as well as our generous adopters and donors for their contributions to the management costs.
If you’d like to help, click here.

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