Caring for so many horses is a non-stop job – it’s not the easiest but it is incredibly rewarding!

Since we started our volunteering programme in 2009 we have hosted over 70 volunteers. To see some of the great feedback we’ve had, scroll to the bottom of the page.

A Day in the Life of a Volunteer

Here’s a typical day in the life of a volunteer during the summer months (times vary during winter):

7.30 First muck-out of the fields, fill water buckets, assist with feeding
8.45 Breakfast
9.45 General stable jobs such as sweeping out/organising the stables, grooming, cleaning water buckets, assisting with showing groups around, etc. OR free time depending on whats happening each day.
12.30 Help with feed and water.
13.30 Lunch and break
18.00 Final muck-out, water, feed
19.00 (If volunteers are interested and there is sufficient time) Lunging, riding, halter training, handling, carriage training, etc.
20.30 Dinner

As you can see,  the work is very straightforward, if physical. You will get fit and build muscles (and get a great tan) during your stay. We repeat the muck-out twice day to minimise the workload, rather than having one enormous session at the start of every day.

In volunteers we look for people who  have a mature outlook, are genuinely committed to the ethos of volunteering, are self-motivated, capable of problem solving, who enjoy solitude, who enjoy working, who are happy to live without many modern conveniences, who are independent and can really get stuck into rural Greek life. People who have grown up in the countryside or around horses will particularly enjoy the farm.

If you are interested in and have experience with horses there is plenty to do in terms of training. We have a number of young ponies who are ready to be trained for both riding and also driving. On the farm we promote natural horsemanship practices from a variety of different teachers. For those with less equine experience but a genuine interest there is plenty of opportunity to learn.

The accommodation is quite basic. Our volunteer room has beds, a shower, toilet and a small kitchen area. When we have more than two volunteers we do sometimes have volunteers sleeping in tents, but they are still entitled to use of all the volunteer room facilities. We cook at one hot meal a day, and we do ask for help with the washing up. Breakfast food will be supplied, such as muesli,porridge, bread, cheese, eggs, and milk. We ask you to supply your evening meal or make a small donation for you to get supplies.

There is always free time in the afternoons which can be spent as you wish, walking, reading, going to the nearby beach at Palamari or just taking a nap! Volunteers are entitled to one and a half  days off a week during which we will try wherever possible to allow you to visit Skyros Town and experience the local culture.


Volunteers having a Greek dance lesson

The video below was made for our Autumn 2018 Crowdfunder and features some of our volunteers talking about why the farm is important to them:

How to Volunteer

Just send us an email at skyrosislandhorsetrust@gmail.com and we’ll send you the forms you need to fill in.


Here’s just a sample of some of the great feedback we’ve had from volunteers over the years.

Anna Lillie Painke returnee volunteer four times the latest time in September 2017. here is her feedback from her first time here with us!
I stayed with Amanda and Stathis for 3 and a half wonderful months.
At first I wasn’t sure if I would stay the whole time but then I settled in soon and to stay was the best decision I could have made. I feel like during my stay I have grown and learned a lot about myself as well as about horses and the general farm work.
The farm is in a very beautiful and quiet area, there is not much destraction so you really face yourself and I think that is a very good experience.
Amanda and Stathis are two amazing people who are very dedicated and passionate about their project. They have a huge knowledge about everything around horses and are happy to share it. They were very welcoming and by the end of my stay I really began to feel like part of the family.
This was my first stay with workaway and I didn’t have much experience with farm work before but the work on the farm was not that difficult, sometimes it was hard (especially with bad weather) but it wasn’t too much and volunteers get enough free time. Most of the time it was actually fun and I felt that it was really appreciated.
Thank you, Amanda, Stathis & Elia, for the great time and also for your trust in me. I can’t wait to come back this summer! xx

Mark 31st 10 2016
Did you know stallions have wet dreams? Niether did I but this excellent snippet of knowledge is just a small part of the massive amount of horsemanship skills you can learn on Skyros with Amanda and Stathis. If you are put off by the fact that you might not be able to ride the ponies, keep in mind that these clever rascals will teach you a lot about horsemanship and honestly more than any great brute of a thoroughbred can.

The rest of the farm work is not too hard and it’s a social atmosphere having at least two other volunteers there as well.
The peacefulness of the island is great and you can’t get much more of an authentic Greek experience than sharing a few wines with the local shepherds in the taverna down the road.

I’ll be forever impressed at the sacrifice Amanda and Stathis have made and continue to make every day to ensure that these animals have the chance to live good lives. They are people who take action when it’s needed and that’s an awesome thing to be a part of. I wish them and the ponies the best of luck for the future and I would highly recommend that people experience this unique place for themselves!

Georgie Howells, volunteer from UK, Winter 2013

I spent 2 and 1/2 months on the farm and feel genuinely lucky to have had the experience. From day 1 I felt treated more like a member of the family than a volunteer, so thank you Amanda and Stathy for being such wonderful hosts and making your volunteers feel so at home.
The days are a great balance of work and free time and I believe you get out what you put into each day.
The ponies are amazingly intelligent, playful, and have a remarkable understanding and connection to people. With them and Amanda’s knowledge there is the opportunity to learn so much about horses whether you come from a horsey background or not.
I would strongly suggest staying for more than 3 weeks, because by then you start to really get things out of the experience. This is an amazing project truly worth committing time to, and in turn you’ll come away with your own rewards.
Coming to Skyros at the age of 19 has helped me in so many different ways and I feel like my life will be better because of it.

Alex Mullarky, volunteer from the UK, 2012, 2013, 2014

I have now volunteered on three occasions at the Katsarelias-Simpson Project and I intend to return every year as long as I can lift a bucket of muck! In June 2012 I went for two weeks but it wasn’t long enough, so I returned for a month in June 2013, and in 2014 I had a flying visit too. The Skyrian Horse is a beautiful, wonderful animal and a pleasure to work with. They’re so full of character. One night we all lay in the fields under the moonlight with the horses and I’ll never forget the way they come and stood around us and accepted us as part of the herd. One of the most rewarding aspects for me was working with Amanda who is a natural horsemanship practitioner. Her methods make so much sense, you will never treat horses in the same way again. If you are keen enough and work hard enough Amanda will make time to teach you what she can. The project is so worthwhile, the food is good and ‘The Castle’ is better than a 5* hotel! (Depends on your preferences, I suppose…) Personally I fell in love with the island and the project, and if you’re willing to work very hard – it will be a shock to you at first, but it will make you a stronger person – you will get so much out of the volunteering experience.

Ronja and Benoit, volunteers from Germany and France, Spring 2012

If you’re reading this review as an interested potential workawayer, still hesitating and stuff:
Well, stop. Just go!
Since the moment we were picked up from the port, I enjoyed every single second of our stay.
And this is not an exaggeration, I ensure you.
It was strange: On one hand, time seemed to run away from us,
on the other, it just seemed as if we knew the place and the people for ages already.
I had that feeling of curiosity and excitement you get when you go somewhere you’ve never been before,
but at the same time I felt like coming home.
There is only one thing I regret: Not being able to stay longer.
If you’re open-minded, appreciate what you are given and want to give back, if you feel comfortable in nature, are not afraid to take the initiative or to work hard, if you are sensitive to the affection an animal can have for you … you should be booking your tickets right now.
Amanda, Stathis, Dimos and Julietta are wonderful human beings, each of them unique and each of them an enrichment to the farm and your circle of friends.
Freedom, inspiring scenery and people, good music (thanks to Stathis’ and Dimos’ good taste), delicious food (those three made me dare to cook!), enough work (boredom is banned from that island), peace (I don’t mean the low circulation or few people there) . . . I can’t list all the things that made us so comfortable there.
Maybe it was just the simple things, those which make life worth living.

Francesca Ilado,  volunteer from Spain, 2011

It has been a great experience for me to stay for two weeks at Amanda and Stathis farm. The horses here are very easy to approach because of their small size, but also due to their gentle character which reflects the caring attettion they receive. Amanda knows a lot about horse behaviour and it was nice to get some tips from her. I also enjoyed the good company of Dimos and his lovely daugther, Julieta. Dimos is a great cook and a patient Greek teacher. And Skyros is such a beautiful island! I hope I will see you all again someday.

Mohamed Rizwan & Kader Batcha,  volunteers from India, 2012

A couple of us volunteered at Amanda and Stathis  farm for almost three weeks. It was our sheer pleasure to celebrate Christmas, New years and my birthday there. Amanda is lovely host and took good care of us. It was my first farming experience and i truly loved it. The skyrian ponies are lovely.  I must not forget to compliment Amanda on her cooking skills, “I would pay to eat food cooked by her.” 🙂

The overall experience of volunteering at the Katsarelias simpson project s was also very humbling as we got the opportunity to meet genuine people and share interesting conversations. I am sure there are only a handful of people i would come across who share the same passion for doing something meaningful in life as Amanda & Stathis do.

Skyros is also a mesmerizing little island, with easy access to beautiful beaches, evergreen pine forests and many walking trails one can discover. I loved every bit of it.

Thank you so much for putting up with us .You are awesome! 🙂

Ananda & Hans, volunteers from Germany, 2011

Me and my boyfriend had an amazing time here! After a month on the farm I didn’t even wanted to go back home again. Work, fun and free time are well balanced. Lovely people who make you feel very much at home. If you’re experienced with horses you get to do a lot of fun things with the horses. Working with the Skyrian horses is great. They are more friendly, intelligent and fun to work with. The riding pony’s are also lovely and it was fantastic to ride them. If you’re not into horses there’s also enough to do. My boyfriend had a great time and he is not experienced with horses or anything.

The farm is also a great place to find some peace of mind. Being with animals in a natural environment is a great experience, especially when you normally live in the city.

I would recommend everbody to go and volunteer with this fantastic people. I’m definitely coming back there next year!

Monica Olsen, volunteer from the USA, 2010

I stayed on the farm for about 5 or 6 weeks in November and December 2010. Skyros and the project was a true experience to me. The island itself is beautiful and a complete world unto its own. The farm and its inhabitants are continously growing and changing and there is always something new going on and opportunities to learn something new everyday. The ponies have HUGE and wonderful personalities. This project revolves around the Skyrian horse but Amanda and Stathi also donate their time and experience to other animals in need of their help. It was hard not to fall in love with the island and the farm, I am looking forward to the day when I can return.

I hope you are finding lovely homes for all your new babies!! And I’m serious, I swear I’ll be back to Skyros one day.

Fanny Fouris,  volunteer from France, 2011

 So, I’m from France and I stayed one month and a half at the farm March and april 2011,and everything surprised me there.It’s totally another world,another way of life,that you can’t imagine without seeing it. The ponies are lovely (especially Norman!) and the island is beautiful.The project is great,as it is done by people who really care about the ponies.That was a amazing life experience,so far away from the society I was used to.

Genrys Goodchild, volunteer from Canada, 2009

I volunteered for Amanda and Stathis back in 2009 with my friend from Australia. We stayed on the farm for just over two months during the summer. My volunteer experience with Amanda and Stathis was an incredible learning experience, not only teaching me about Greek culture and the Skyrian horse project, but also about my own personality, strengths and weaknesses of my own self, and for that I’m also extremely grateful.

My time is Greece was spent taking care of the horses, all of whom were adorable and had definite personalities of their own (especially Norman and Theadora, that’s for sure!). We did riding and training, as well as chores around the farm. We ate incredible food, most of which was local, and got to meet and have dinners with different farmers in the area. It was so fun and amazing to meet different types of people I would never get to interact with back home. The farm is beautiful (and near the ocean!), the island is beautiful, and the people are interesting and friendly, especially Amanda and Stathis themselves.

One of the best parts of volunteering for Amanda and Stathis was seeing how their work on the farm not only helps our the horses, but the people of Skyros too. Kids get to come and learn about horses, and this helps the community as a whole, and this was really special to witness. If you volunteer for Amanda and Stathis you will be sure to have an interesting and rewarding experience!

Bella Schlachter, volunteer from Australia, 2009

I stayed with Amanda and Stathi for a few weeks in the (northern) summer of ’09. I have wonderful memories from my time on the farm. I was blown away by the selflessness and dedication that Amanda and Stathi had for the project. Skyros is a beautiful island with a rich history which the ponies are inextricably linked to and the work that Amanda and Stathi are doing is so important to both the cultural and natural heritage of the island. The ponies themselves are truly ‘little horses’, they are exquisite creatures with kind natures and the most wonderful personalities! My time on the farm also gave me an insight into greek culture and the daily lives of those living and working on the island that could never be gained by simply travelling through. Amongst Amanda’s friends and neighbours I met so many inspiring people and brilliant characters, it was a true immersion and an experience I wont be forgetting in a hurry. Cant wait to go back to visit old friends and meet the new additions!!

Elina Anthinpoulo, volunteer from Greece, 2010

I stayed in Stathis and Amanda’s farm in the summer of 2010 for 2 wonderful months. I experienced their love and care for animals, in fact words cannot express the family like environment…

I had the chance to see the births of foals, more play and hug the ponies, the cats and the dogs and feed the chicken…

Amanda is still a great friend, no she’s my big sister now! We still talk and I do look forward on going back one day!

Thanks Amanda, for a great experience!


Alex Ardelean, volunteer from Romania, 2010

I helped Amanda and Stathis during the month of July 2010, learning from them and assisting them in all the jobs required by their very generous project. Their dedication and passion for the Skyryan ponies is contagious and inspiring.

Skyros Island has some hidden gems (secluded beaches with romantic ship wrecks, rough mountains where the goats are the only inhabitants, little chapels lost in the pine forest) which for sure will please any soul looking for a corner of Paradise.

Thank you, dear friends, for your patience and hospitability.

Thank you for the opportunity you have offered to me, to be again in such a close contact with the nature and with these amazing creatures, the beautiful horses.

Edith Maisonneuve, volunteer from Québec, Canada, 2010

Pour tous les francophones qui aimeraient vivre ce projet avec Amanda et Stathis, voici un petit mot sur mon expérience. J’ai passé 4 semaines à Skyros au mois de juin 2010. En résumé, une belle expérience, des gens passionnés, des chevaux attachants, un coin de pays à découvrir, un travail concret et gratifiant. J’ai été accueillie comme une amie chez Amanda et Stathis, ils m’ont permis de m’installer parmis eux pour quelques semaines et de prendre part à la vie de la ferme. Cette expérience m’a permis de donner le meilleur de moi-même, d’apprendre à connaître la culture grecque et de partager de beaux moments avec les chevaux, les animaux et tous les gens de passage à la ferme! Un projet d’amour et de passion où l’on s’investi sans compter les heures et qui m’inspire encore…malgré la distance qui nous sépare! En espérant un jour revoir Skyros! Bonne chance!

6 thoughts on “Volunteer

  1. Καλησπερα σας! Ειμαι αισθητικος μασεζ εργαζομαι στη Σαντορινη σεζον και θα εχω διαθεσιμο χρονο απο 15 Νοεμβριου. Λατρευω τα αλογα ειχα δικο μου στο παρελθον , εχω εκπαιδευσει αλογο και γνωριζω western style riding. Θα ηθελα παρα πολυ να συμμετεχω στο προγραμμα σας και θα ηθελα να με ενημερωσετε αν υπαρχει διαθεσιμοτητα και τι αλλο θα χρειαστει. Σας ευχαριστω εκ των προτερων.
    Κωνσταντινα Φριντζαλα

  2. I would love to come and volunteer with you if possible. I’m a 33 year old woman, I live on our families self sufficient small holding in Cornwall, England. I have had horses/ponies my whole life so know the ins and outs of horse care and training. I will happily waiting your reply.
    Miss Lena Mayne

  3. Dear Mrs. Simpson,
    I would love to stay at your farm because I really like your project and I am absolutely obsessed with horses.
    I‘d like to experience a completely different lifestyle and I am really looking forward to staying up early, doing physical work, get to know the greek culture a little, get to know all your animals and for sure, getting to know you and maybe other volunteers.
    I have already some experience with horses, but I would love to learn even more about them.
    By the way I am also a hobby-horsephotographer and if I could stay with you, I could take photos of your animals which you could use for your website or so.
    Currently I am 15 years old but don‘t worry, I am independent, my parents are okey with that and I will work really hard to help you as good as possible!
    If you would like to host me, it would be great if this was in july or august. Then I will be 16 years old.
    I am a girl from Austria and I am really looking forward to your reply.
    best wishes,
    Gudrun Michlmayr

  4. Good day

    I am an allround equine lover and proud owner of a Thoroughbred mare. After reading about your amazing project, I would love to apply as a volunteer at Skyros Island Horse Trust. Kindly advise regarding the process.

    Kind regards,
    Iloni van Heerden

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