Crowdfunder 2019

Thank You!

Dear Supporters

A HUGE thank you to each and every one of you around the world who generously donated to our December crowdfunding appeal to raise £3500 to buy 600 bales of hay. YOU are what allows the project to continue! Together we managed to raise an incredible £3770 which is over and above our target! These funds bought a large 11 ton lorry of hay, a small lorry of oaten hay and a small delivery of trifili (alfalfa), which saw the Skyrian horses safely through the winter. The extra donations over our target amount meant we were able to put these into a fund for wormers and essential veterinary supplies.

We ran this appeal on behalf of Stathis and Amanda as we know that they find it difficult to ask for help with the project. Despite rigorous budgeting and foreplanning and thus the project being in a better position financially this year than it has been in the past, we knew they were still struggling to afford the last lorry of hay to get their Skyrian horses through the winter.

So we reached out to you, and we cannot thank you all enough for your enduring support of the project and the care and kindness you have shown us through your comments and well-wishes. We wish all of you the same love, light, peace and hope that you give us.

Love, Katie and Emma (project volunteers)

With heartfelt gratitude from Amanda and Stathis


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