Thank You Skyrian Horse Heroes!

We’d like to say an enormous THANK YOU to everyone who supported our recent crowdfunder for winter hay and veterinary essentials. We are overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness shown to us in what we’re sure has been a challenging and turbulent time for all. Thank you to all who donated, wrote social media posts, shared our campaign, commented on posts, sent us well wishes and worked as volunteers at the farm without all of you coming together to support the project, this amazingly successful crowdfunder would not have happened.

The final grand total raised is £6575! You have secured us the funds for the hay we need to keep the horses well fed and warm through the winter, replenish our veterinary supplies, purchase wormer, as well as specialist feed for our older horses. However you really went above and beyond and continued to donate well past our original target. This means we will be able to replace our worn-out wheelbarrows and equipment and purchase some special slow-feed haynets. These will help us become even more economical and efficient by reducing waste, saving time and energy in manual labour, and slowing down the horses’ eating which benefits their health in many ways. Stathis, Amanda, Hebe, Katie, Eloise, Lucy, and everyone to whom the project means something, feel so grateful and blessed that not only have you secured us the bare essentials but you have also given us the opportunity go further and make these seemingly small changes which have a big impact and help the horses thrive.

We are currently in the process of ordering the hay supplies and new equipment, although the double whammy of Covid and Brexit (on top of the challenges of getting resources to an island at the best of times!) of course means things are going be a bit more complicated and take a little longer than usual. It also takes time because it is really important to us that we make the best use your donations in the most economical way possible. However we will be sure to update you with our progress as soon as we can so that you can see the real difference your support makes!

Amanda and Stathis cannot express how grateful they are and how hopeful you have made them for the future of the project with these 34 charming and critically-endangered Skyrian horses. You have shown that great things come about through a series of small acts of kindness. We send you much love and wish you all the best for 2021. Thank you.

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