Our Supporters

We would like to extend a very special thank you to Faith Ayuko whose help and generosity in our effort to become a registered charity has been incredible. Without her we would not be anywhere near as far along as we are and would still be scratching our heads over many things! Thank you also to the iProBono team for putting us in touch with Faith.

We are supported by these charitable bodies:

Elise Pilkington Trust

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With Appreciation to:

Thank you to Helen Philon for her  truly generous support over many years.
Thank you to Phokion Potamianos Homem for your generous support.
Thank you to Doris Hausser and Andreas for their continued support.

Supporters of our Indiegogo supplies campaign Dec 2013 – Feb 2014:
Natalia Sarmiento
Peanut Adams
Johana Hofsten
Rebecca Pledge
Colin & Jye
Elaine Chambers
Genrys Goodchild
Cath Wren
Jessica Meagher
Katharine Philp
Liliane Stadler
Shelagh McGlenn
Ronja Pawellek
Margeaux Gagliano
Jessica Hynes
Sarah Field
Bella Schlachter
H. Hopper