‘Conformation’ is the physical structure of a horse’s body, and different breeds of horse have different conformation.

The Skyrian has the overall proportions of a horse – with the height to withers, height to croup and body length forming a square – while being of pony height and character.

Eyes in proportion to the head, wide apart. Ears in proportion to head. Wide forehead, long, slender nasal bones and jaw with a fine muzzle. Straight profile.

A supple neck with abundant mane. Sloping shoulder, straight back. Slim, deep-girthed and close-coupled. Slightly pendulous abdomen. Hindquarters sloping from croup to point of buttocks. Low-set tail. Slender, long limbs, straight forelegs.Hard, black, dense hoof horn.

One solid colour: light bay, dark bay, brown, dark brown, and chestnut, with occasional stars/snips. Dorsal stripe. Grey is acceptable if they fit all the rest of the conformation criteria.

They have a lovely, free flowing balanced movement, sure-footed over all terrain.

Mares and stallions similar in height: 100-115 cm.

Their temperament is fantastic – docile, intelligent, alert and curious about people.  Demonstrating a willingness to be trained.

This information page was produced in conjunction with recognized breeders of the Skyrian Horse. For further information visit the Skyrian Horse Society.