History of the Project

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The Katsarelias-Simpson Project began in 2005 when we – Amanda Simpson and Stathis Katsarelias – rescued our first horse. In 2006 we began the project in earnest with three horses and the aim to protect the Skyrian Horse in its homeland. We were also spurred on by the wish to create a safe and secure place for the Skyrian Horse to live and to increase the quality of this extremely rare breed through selective breeding. Finally, we aimed to create a cultural environment where local and international people would come to appreciate the value and worth of the Skyrian Horse.

We have now expanded and are now looking after 36 Skyrian Horses (approximately 20% of the Skyrian Horse population), 23 of whom we have bred. At the moment we are hosting and supporting 12 welfare horses who are with us due to old age, health problems, or because they were at risk of neglect. We live on-site with the horses 24/7.

We have succeeded in raising the profile of the Skyrian Horse locally, nationally and internationally and have been showcased on a wide variety of popular national TV programmes as well as national, international and local periodicals and newspapers.

Although successful in many ways, we have no core funding.  It is only via kind donations, practical support and adoption finances that we have been able to survive. If we are to continue with this valuable project we have to find ways to finance the essential infrastructure the horses now need, namely the horses’ core costs and the employment of a member of staff. If you would like to donate or volunteer, please visit How You Can Help.