Our Actions

Mares herd on a summer evening 2012

We maintain a responsible attitude to conservation of the Skyrian Horse with welfare as our primary concern.

Our aim, ‘to create the widest genetic pool of Skyrian Horses on the island while staying true to the Skyrian type’, is futile without good homes for those Skyrians to go to.

We can look after only a limited number of Skyrians on our farm, and until space arises from the rehoming of some of our horses to good homes only, we are operating an extremely limited breeding programme. We recommend the viewing of this video created by World Horse Welfare to all horse lovers:

The fact remains that the conservation of a sustainable number of this unique, rare horse is paramount. We must maintain a good number of quality breeding animals to ensure that the Skyrian Horse lives on.

If you would like to help us in our efforts, visit How You Can Help or feel free to Contact Us.

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