Exciting News: the First Festival of the Skyrian Horse

 Shhh … Come and discover a secret …. from the brink of extinction to recognition…. the little Skyrian Horse.

 We  would like to invite you to a free, inspiring and fun festival on the beautiful Greek island of Skyros. 


Celebrate the legend, history and contemporary role of one of the most unique, rare and possibly the oldest breed of equine on earth!


Come and have a once in a lifetime holiday, combining the little Skyrian horse, history, landscape, sea, sun, wine, music and tradition.


The Skyrian Horse is believed to be one of the rarest and oldest breeds in the world, with unique DNA. Originating in Skyros, Greece, these little horses have something so special that they capture the hearts, minds and imaginations of all who have the opportunity to meet them.

These ponies are so kind, intelligent and intuitive … I have never met another pony or horse like them, in a pint-size body they have the character and  heart of a giant. They need this festival to get them the recognition from humanity that they deserve.
– Emma Mills, formerly equine assistant 
at Redwings Horse Sanctuary

Although technically a pony, standing between 10 and 11.1 hands high, their conformation and surprising grace of movement aptly ensure that they are called a little horse. This ancient, rare Greek breed is renowned for its intelligence, wonderful disposition and temperament.

Were these the horses Achilles took with him to Troy … that pulled the chariots of the Greek Gods … one of the rarest and oldest breeds of equine in the world.

Come and discover them for yourself…

Festival schedule

Friday June 20th
Arrive to a warm Skyrian welcome. Meet these amazing ponies in a theatrical performance with both local and international performers whilst having the opportunity to share in local food, wine, dance and music. Go home pleasantly drunk with the images and melodies of the Skyrian experience.

Saturday June 21st
In the morning an opportunity to visit the Skyrian horse’s natural habitat and learn more about its unique history, a majestic mountainous landscape, the vuono. In the afternoon, workshops with the Skyrian pony in action being ridden, worked in hand, driven and at liberty.
In the evening, in a magical environment, watch the world premiere of “Of Gods and Kings: The Skyros Horse” made by renowned equine filmmakers Horsefly Films as the first of their rare breeds series , alongside of small imaginative short films about what Skyrian children have to say about their precious island ponies.

Then enjoy the traditional solstice celebrations in the village of Skyros.

Sunday June 22nd
In the morning a one of a kind opportunity to visit traditional local craftsmen in woodwork, ceramics, sculptor and textiles and a chance to taste some delicious Skyrian traditional dishes.
In the afternoon a workshop for children and adults with the chance to get up close and personal with a Skyrian pony.
In the early evening watch the documentary “The Skyrian Horse” produced by the Skyrian Horse Society and shown on Greek TV.
In the evening an exciting multimedia art exhibition on the theme of the Skyrian horse and goodbye drinks based in the traditional quaint hamlet of Magazia.

Breaking news……On Monday and Tuesday there will be a  exciting closed workshop for those people interested with Alexia Goulandris, a Quantum Savvy trainer, who will be running a ‘come and try’ session with the ponies for children and adults.

This festival is being organized by Skyros Island Horse Trust and its sister organization Skyrian Horse Conservation Ltd in collaboration with the Skyrian Horse Society.
The festival is being supported and coordinated in partnership with the Skyros LIFE Project for the Biodiversity of the Island and is co-funded by the Skyros Municipality and the European Commission.

For more info about how to get to Skyros, where to stay or any other questions please contact:
Amanda Simpson at skyrosislandhorsetrust@gmail.com

Chrysanthi Zygogianni at skyroslife@gmail.com

Useful links: http://www.festivaloftheskyrianhorse.gr




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10014130_10153898572540277_1742873125_oOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

3 thoughts on “Exciting News: the First Festival of the Skyrian Horse

  1. What you do with the horses is amazing. Thank you for looking after my daughter Emma whilst she was volunteering with you.

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